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we rescue golden retrievers

we rescue golden retrievers

we rescue golden retrieverswe rescue golden retrievers

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Our Goldens available for adoption are listed here and also on our Petfinder Page.


Dudley is a beautiful,  12 year old boy who loves attention and loves to play! If you're looking for a fun, yet quirky pup, Dudley's your man!  You see, while Dudley is fun loving and playful, he does have some anxiety over certain things, some days are better than others.  He gets nervous in new situations.  He's afraid of thunderstorms, he's not a fan of being brushed, though he is getting better with it, now that his foster mom does it regularly.  He is a bit nervous around men and it will take him some time to warm up.  He also doesn't like the vacuum or the ice maker on the refrigerator.  The vet makes him especially nervous, and as such, is generally given a sedative to make this less scary for him.

Dudley has a lipoma, about the size of an apple, on his right side.  It doesn't bother him much, unless you hit it with the brush, so this is something to consider when adopting Dudley.  He's also got some cloudiness in his eyes, not uncommon for seniors, but it does make him a bit unsure of what he sees (or doesn't), especially in the dark.

Dudley should not be crated, and does well having run of the main floor at his foster home.  He enjoys playing with toys and will share them with you!  He does get a little mouthy - grabbing a shirt sleeve or pant leg, if he's nervous or needs to go outside to go potty, but that's only because he's trying to tell you something!  He's fiercely loyal to his people and will want to be by your side as much as he can.

REQUIREMENTS FOR DUDLEY:  We are looking for a family who is experienced with a dog who has some stressful days.  Patience is important.  Dudley should go to a home with NO children and NO cats, but a calm, yet confident & reassuring canine friend in the home would be helpful for him.  Dudley should be in a home where at least one of the family members is home for all or part of the day.  A fence IS required.

Do you think Dudley is a good match for you?  If so, please visit our website at and complete an application today!



We cannot say enough about this handsome boy!  Buddy, an approximately 11 year old guy, is a complete love bug.  Buddy came into rescue after being surrendered due to anxiety issues that were seemingly too difficult to handle.  What we now know is that Buddy's anxiety is situational (not unlike many dogs) and not an all the time thing.  Buddy doesn't like loud noises - thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots - these sounds scare him.  He will pace and climb up and down the stairs and will have a very difficult time settling.  However, when he's in a calm, reassuring, quiet home, he is as happy as can be!

Since being at his foster home, Buddy has learned that a crate is not such a scary place.  Although he should not ever be in a crate with the door closed (he had a traumatic experience with this), he IS learning that it's an okay place to be when his family is in sight.  He is also quite well trained, and knows the following commands:

*  Sit

*  Down

*  Paw

*  Come

*  Drop it

Oh!  And guess what - Buddy will even bring you the newspaper - yep, he's good like that!  :)

Buddy loves to go on walks, and his leash skills have improved greatly since arriving at his foster home.  He does walk better with a good harness, as he has a tendency to pull, but he's learning!  However, hold on tight if a squirrel crosses your path, because Buddy will want it so it's important that he always be on lead when walking.

REQUIREMENTS:  Due to Buddy's size (he's a tall & hefty guy), he WILL require at solid, 6 ft. fence.  He will also require that his new family have someone home all or part of the day, due to some anxious behavior.

Do you think Buddy is a good match for you?  If so, please visit our website at and complete an application today!