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What happens when you give up your golden to the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland?

Giving up your golden retriever is a tough decision. We’ll be happy to help you explore other options such as doggie day care, pet sitters, obedience training, etc. We will accept golden mixes if they look very golden and have the wonderful golden personality. If you opt to give up your dog to Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland please know that we will love and care for your golden as if s/he were our own. Once you have made your decision the following occurs:

  • You are interviewed by one of our volunteers to get basic information about your dog to make the transition easier.
  • You are asked to sign an owner give up form at the time we pick up your dog. This is a legal document that transfers ownership of the dog from you to Golden Rescue.
  • When you turn over the dog to Golden Rescue please provide medical records and any medications your dog routinely takes.
  • Once you sign the dog over to Golden Rescue, you will have no further direct contact with the dog or the adopters. However, you can call to learn how your dog is adjusting to his/her new environment.

Your dog will live with a loving foster, or temporary, home before it is placed for adoption. Our foster homes are trained, most have other Goldens, someone home during the day, a fenced yard and will make your dog part of their family until they are adopted.

During this time:

  • Your dog will go to the vet for a thorough checkup and be treated for any illnesses or injuries, be vaccinated and spayed/neutered, if necessary.
  • We will evaluate temperament, energy level and needs of your dog to help place it in the perfect furever home.

There is no time limit on how long a dog can spend in foster care before being placed in the right adoptive home. For young healthy dogs, we likely have someone on our waiting list, for older dogs or dogs with medical or behavioral problems they usually stay longer. However, we have many families who love our golden oldies and are eager to adopt.

To give up your Golden to the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland

Email Intake@grrsm.org, or call 855-477-3728 for more information. In the email please give your name, address, phone numbers, dog’s name, dog’s age, dog’s sex and reason for surrender. We will make every effort to return your call or email within 24 hours.